How to Be a Cute Pookie

Just a short video from YouTube about how to be a pookie, and a cute one at that!


Blog Updates

As you can see, we’ve updated the blog a little to keep it looking good. Do you like the header? It’s me dressed up in different outfits – Mumu, Biggy Wista, pookie and Duh Duh! (Yeah… I had to dress up as a boy… :/)

~ Moon67

Brand New CPPS: RewrittenCP

Hey readers,

There’s a fantastic new CPPS called ‘RewrittenCP’! It’s got Club Penguin’s new system! How cool isĀ that? Thanks to CPPSHQ, I know it exists! šŸ˜€

If that’s not enough, I encourage you guys to join it ’cause it’s amazing! Just register, use a couple commands and bingo! All done! Here are some pictures (credit toĀ CPPSHQ):

(For more images, go toĀ this CPPSHQ post!)

I’ll go on it sometimes and my username will be the usualĀ Moon67. Hope to see you there!

~ Moon67


As many of you are aware, some mean penguins out there are disobeying the rules of Club Penguin and they’re abusing pookies, Mumus and Duh Duhs. Sadly, there isn’t much we can do about this, but we can build up an ‘army’ if you like, by joining forces with our pookies (if you like) andĀ attackingĀ (not literally, oh no) those abusers ASAP.

Websites have even be created on abusing pookies. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but here’s some things you could try if you ever get treated badly:

  • Report them to a Moderator. They won’t get banned unless they do something really bad, but if you say ‘I Reported You!’ they usually get freaked out a little. You won’t get banned for reporting a mean player.
  • Move to a different zone, or (if you’re there) waddle to a different place in the Pet Shop. If they follow you, click on them and Ignore them straight away. Now you can’t see what they say or what they do. To access your Ignore List, click ‘Settings’ on the Toolbar, and then ‘Ignore List’ (next to the picture of the old Skull Emote).
  • Contradict them. If they say something along the lines of ‘Pookies suck ugh who would adopt them would u yea cos u r dumb’ just say something like ‘Well You Should Stop Abusing Us And The Rules’. (Be sure to Speak In Caps – it really annoys them! :D)

If you have any more tips, comment with them! All nice comments are welcome. Evil comments will be removed immediately.

Pookie News & Duh Duh Outfits!

Hey guys!

Just some quick updates today. Pookies are not as rare to find anymore in the Pet Shop! If you look in it on a full or near-full server, you’ll almost always find a pookie there! (Or more than one, of course.) šŸ˜€ There’s many more to come! Have you adopted an amazing pookie? Send an image to us atĀ or send a link to an image or write a shout-out in the comments!

As for the Duh Duh outfits, here they are!

Sorry there aren’t many – Duh Duh’s aren’t as common as Mumus!

Bye for now!